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Treatment of chronic vertigo

There’s a useful article on the BMJ page right now, on chronic vertigo; apparently, first-line treatment for chronic vertigo is vestibular rehabilitation. This involves daily low-intensity exercises for 6 – 12 weeks to stimulate natural vestibular rehabilitation, and has been … Continue reading

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Vestibular neuritis

Apparently what we generally diagnose as ‘viral labyrinthitis’ is actually far more likely to be BPPV or vestibular migraine. Very occasionally it might be vestibular neuritis, which is what we actually mean when we say ‘labyrinthitis’ (literal labyrinthitis is almost … Continue reading

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Prescriber 21(19): 5th October 2010

Long and very useful article on vestibular causes of dizziness. For starters, a useful breakdown into acute, recurrent acute, and chronic: Acute Vestibular neuritis aka vestibular neuronitis aka viral labyrinthitis (although turns out that last is inaccurate – labyrinthitis causes … Continue reading

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