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Assessment of purpuric/petechial rashes

This was a BMJ module, based on this article. Steps in assessing purpuric/petechial rashes: Assess for acute illness and consider the possibility of meningococcal sepsis. If suspected, administer parenteral antibiotics and admit urgently. If meningococcus is not the suspected diagnosis, … Continue reading

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High-dose B12 therapy

The standard maintenance course of injectable B12 (after the two week loading period) is 1 mg every three months. Occasionally, I’ve come across a patient who finds that the effects of the injection wear off, and the symptoms of deficiency … Continue reading

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Antiplatelet therapy with anticoagulation therapy?

A BMJ article addressing an important and common question; in patients who have an indication for antiplatelet therapy plus an indication for anticoagulant therapy, should we give both or just one? In most cases, we should just give the anticoagulant, … Continue reading

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Haemolysis markers

Reticulocyte count up Reduced haptoglobin Raised LDH (BMJ Learning module on jaundice)

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Easy bruising

I normally just use a full blood count to investigate easy bruising; I’ve ummed and ahhhed about getting a clotting screen as well, but it seems like overkill to me. However, the authors of an article in the latest BMJ … Continue reading

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An old article; unearthed an old BMJ I’d saved but never got round to making notes on. BMJ 2014;349:g5340. Neutropenia is defined as a neutrophil count <1.5 x 10^9. It’s classified in increments of 0.5 (1 – 1.5 is mild, … Continue reading

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In response to a DEN that came up with a patient’s results, I’ve been refreshing my memory on the causes of macrocytosis. Briefly, these are: Physiological – macrocytosis is normal in pregnancy (usually mild but not impossible for it to … Continue reading

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