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First, second, third and fourth diseases?

This is of no educational value whatsoever, but I couldn’t resist adding it. In the onrush of facts to be memorised to get through medical school, I spared very little time for wondering why slapped cheek is known as ‘fifth … Continue reading

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A couple of useful points in a BMJ article: Mastitis vs. inflammatory breast cancer Mastitis is more localised, while inflammatory breast cancer can cause redness or skin changes of the whole breast. Inflammatory breast cancer can also cause a general … Continue reading

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Reactive arthritis

(BMJ module on STIs) My name is (almost) a disease, it seems. Reactive arthritis is a sterile arthritis triggered by an infection elsewhere, typically urogenital or gastrointestinal, and SARA stands for sexually acquired reactive arthritis, most often triggered by chlamydia. … Continue reading

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Flucloxacillin should be used rather than Pen V or ampicillin. An alternative to flucloxacillin or macrolides is clindamycin 300 mg qds (though note the risk of colitis). Differential diagnoses include varicose eczema, erythema nodosum, DVT, acute oedema, and something called … Continue reading

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Current recommended treatment is Permethrin 5% cream. A 30g tube is enough for an average-sized person – a larger-size person might need two tubes, or 200 ml liquid. (Pulse on-line learning module)

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Prescribing tips

I was taught that prednisolone courses for COPD exacerbations should be two weeks plus a wean-off, but have noticed that most people seem to use five days. The controversy is now resolved – the REDUCE trial, an RCT in Switzerland, … Continue reading

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Community acquired pneumonia in children

Definitions of tachypnoea in children: <2 months: >60/min 2 – 12 months: >50/min >12 months: >40/min. Triad of symptoms suggesting CAP in children: Tachypnoea Chest recession Persistent fever >38.5 No definitive scoring systems for CAP severity exist. However, the following … Continue reading

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