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Had to see someone yesterday about a lowish phosphate level, and, since I know nothing about hypophosphatemia, it was learning time. I found a couple of useful articles for quick reference – this one in the BMJ and this one … Continue reading

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Lab tests in chronic liver disease

ALT/ALP tend not to be very good markers; they reflect acute hepatocellular damage rather than cirrhosis. Normally what you see is: Low albumin Prolonged clotting times Low platelets (platelet sequestration in portal hypertension)

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Haemolysis markers

Reticulocyte count up Reduced haptoglobin Raised LDH (BMJ Learning module on jaundice)

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In response to a DEN that came up with a patient’s results, I’ve been refreshing my memory on the causes of macrocytosis. Briefly, these are: Physiological – macrocytosis is normal in pregnancy (usually mild but not impossible for it to … Continue reading

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Hypocalcaemia is mild if 1.9 or higher, severe below. Mild hypocalcaemia is usually asymptomatic and can be treated with a follow-up within the next 7 – 10 days, with giving supplements (including Vitamin D if needed), and with consideration of … Continue reading

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Things to know about thyroid tests

Patients with unrelated severe illness can have temporarily hypothyroid-looking tests; TFTs should therefore not be checked during acute illness. (This occurs due to a combination of inhibition of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis decreasing TSH secretion; decreased T4 -> T3 conversion; and … Continue reading

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