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Lab tests in chronic liver disease

ALT/ALP tend not to be very good markers; they reflect acute hepatocellular damage rather than cirrhosis. Normally what you see is: Low albumin Prolonged clotting times Low platelets (platelet sequestration in portal hypertension)

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Analgesia in patients with cirrhosis

Paracetamol is typically well-tolerated at normal doses. NSAIDs should be avoided completely; either gastric bleeding or renal dysfunction can cause hepatic decompensation. Opioids should be used with caution – risk of encephalopathy, and their metabolism can be altered. Avoid where … Continue reading

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Investigation of raised ALP

Physiological causes Normal variation – statistically, 2.5% of the population will have levels above the ULN. Analytical variation – combined analytical & biochemical variation is approx 8%. Levels increase by approx 6% if sample stored for 96 hrs at room … Continue reading

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