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There are five red flag features of soft tissue sarcomas: Pain Increase in size Size >5 cm (‘bigger than a golf ball’) Deep to the deep fascia Recurrence of a swelling after surgical excision Suspected sarcomas should be referred as … Continue reading

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Eyelid lumps

These, obviously, include the usual list of benign/malignant skin lumps, plus xanthelasma, which I already know. The list below is to clarify some that I wasn’t sure of. Chalazion: blocked meibomian gland. Internal hordeolum: infected chalazion. External hordeolum: infected hair … Continue reading

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Neck lumps

I typically request plasma viscosity as part of investigating suspicious neck lumps, but it seems this actually isn’t useful. For persistent posterior node enlargement, an FBC and IM screen can be worthwhile, and obviously any lump in the thyroid should … Continue reading

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