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Steroids for sore throats

An update on this problem: a systematic review and meta-analysis in the BMJ. This found that there is, in fact, moderate quality evidence that a one-off dose of steroid can improve pain in sore throat. Not the speed with which … Continue reading

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Antiplatelet therapy with anticoagulation therapy?

A BMJ article addressing an important and common question; in patients who have an indication for antiplatelet therapy plus an indication for anticoagulant therapy, should we give both or just one? In most cases, we should just give the anticoagulant, … Continue reading

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Bits and bobs from the BMJ of 9th September: A systematic review in PLoS Medicine found gabapentin and pregabalin to be not particularly helpful with chronic low back pain; any benefits from them were outweighed by the risk of side-effects … Continue reading

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COPD algorithm

This is our practice algorithm for COPD treatment: Treat intermittent symptoms with a SABA. If more severe, differentiate between low-risk and high-risk patients. Low-risk patients are those with: FEV1 >50% <2 exacerbations/yr For low-risk patients: First-line treatment: LAMA If symptoms … Continue reading

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Refractory opioid-induced constipation

As anyone with even a smattering of palliative care knowledge should be aware, opiates typically cause constipation and a laxative should typically be co-prescribed. This week’s BMJ has a useful tip on what to do about opioid-induced constipation that is … Continue reading

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Calcium supplements probably don’t work

Yet another one from the archives (I’ve almost cleared that journal pile now); a systematic review from 2015 looking at calcium and fractures. This review found: Dietary calcium intake is not associated with fracture risk There is no evidence that … Continue reading

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Analgesia in patients with cirrhosis

Paracetamol is typically well-tolerated at normal doses. NSAIDs should be avoided completely; either gastric bleeding or renal dysfunction can cause hepatic decompensation. Opioids should be used with caution – risk of encephalopathy, and their metabolism can be altered. Avoid where … Continue reading

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