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Coming off HRT

I’ve started to go through a stash of very old articles I saved from journals such as Pulse and GP in my pre-blog days, so that I can put the useful snippets of information on here and throw the rest … Continue reading

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Onset of action of antidepressants

For twenty-five years I’ve accepted without question the standard teaching that SSRIs take 2 – 3 weeks to kick in and often longer. Then, due to a family situation, I actually went and looked it up, and discovered that the … Continue reading

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Anticoagulation in people with a falls risk

I’ve been very wary of anticoagulating elderly frail people at risk of falls – it feels very antithetical to ‘First, do no harm’ – but it seems I might have been being overcautious. I looked this up as part of … Continue reading

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Glucose control in Type II diabetes

(As per BMJ module ‘Clinical pointers: Blood glucose control in Type 2 diabetes’) I’ve used sulfonylureas as second-line diabetic drugs for years on a ‘devil you know’ basis, but it now seems that’s out of date; one meta-analysis showed them … Continue reading

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Antidepressants/NOACs and bleeding risk

A DEN came up while I was sorting out repeat prescriptions: While it’s well known that patients taking an SSRI with NSAIDs or antiplatelet agents should strongly consider GI prophylaxis, does that apply to people taking SSRIs with NOACs? I … Continue reading

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Aspirin + clopidogrel short-term after TIA/ischaemic stroke

I belatedly got round to reading a January BMJ that contained this article, an analysis of previous work on DAPT (dual antiplatelet therapy) after TIA/stroke. The recommendations are: After either a high-risk TIA or a minor ischaemic stroke, use both … Continue reading

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Hyperemesis gravidarum

Found an article in a BMJ from a few months back that I hadn’t read: First-line medications Prochlorperazine – can go up to 10 mg 6-hrly, apparently, though I think I’d want to check that before prescribing. Promethazine – 12.5 … Continue reading

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