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Blood pressure management in CKD

Recently had to look up recommended agents to use in CKD, and found this article useful. There are two particular categories to be careful about: Diabetic CKD (even without hypertension CKD with hypertension and proteinuria.* *The only problem was that … Continue reading

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Rational prescribing

From our CCG’s review of evidence (Rational Prescribing, Sept 2015): On current evidence (which admittedly is somewhat limited), there is no statistically significant benefit from treating Stage 1 hypertension (160/100 or less) Aiming for an HbA1c level of 7.0% vs. … Continue reading

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CKD management

(Notes from BMJ learning module) Criteria for nephrology referral eGFR <30 A sustained eGFR drop of >25% with change of CKD stage, in a 12 month period A sustained eGFR drop of >15 in 12 months. An ACR 70 mg/mmol … Continue reading

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Symptom control in end-stage renal failure

ESRF, apart from being fairly imminently fatal (approx 8 – 11 days on average without dialysis), can give rise to fairly unpleasant symptoms – nausea/vomiting, itching, weight loss, & intractable fluid overload. A difficulty in treatment is that many drugs … Continue reading

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BMJ 2011; 342: 665 – 716 (26th March)

We may not have to chase blood pressure control as hard as we thought in patients with CKD (although convincing the QOF authors of that may be difficult).  Once we get BP down below 140/90, there seems to be little … Continue reading

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