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Migraine in pregnancy

The good news is that pre-existing migraine often gets better in pregnancy, especially migraine without aura and premenstrual migraine. However, it’s important to know a) how to treat it when it occurs and b) how to avoid confusing more dangerous … Continue reading

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These divide into two groups: Sumatriptan, Rizatriptan, Zolmitriptan, Eletriptan and Almotriptan have a higher speed of onset. Naratriptan & Frovatriptan have a lower side-effect profile, and also possibly less chance of headache recurrence. Interestingly, someone who hasn’t responded to one … Continue reading

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Migraine treatment

According to latest NICE guidelines, it’s now worth trying combination treatment (triptan + NSAID or paracetamol) as first-line, as found to be effective. For prophylaxis, as per NICE: First-line: Propranolol or topiramate Second-line: Gabapentin (up to 1200 mg/day) or acupuncture … Continue reading

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It may be worth starting metformin immediately on diagnosis of DM, without waiting to see whether dietary treatment works. One study found that starting metformin within three months of diagnosis was associated wtih a reduced rate of monotherapy failure a … Continue reading

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Prescriber 2010: 21(17) (5th September)

If sumatriptan 100 mg hasn’t done the trick for your patient’s migraines, which triptan should you try next?  Well… If the problem was that it didn’t work, you can try rizatriptan 10 mg (Maxalt) or eletriptan 80 mg (Relpax), both … Continue reading

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