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A few quick snippets from the 19th Nov BMJ: Duloxetine increases the risk of adverse psychiatric events – anxiety, agitation, self-harm, psychotic behaviour – by more than five times, according to a new Nordic Cochrane Centre meta-analysis although this article … Continue reading

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Ankle sprains – rehabilitation in a footballer

Useful guidelines in Arthritis Research UK (Summer 2012) – the idea is first to return the injured body part to full strength and function, then work through a graduated return-to-play strategy. Suggestions: Initially – Review re. need for X-ray as … Continue reading

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Ottawa rules

I could probably recite the ankle rules in my sleep, but found the following clarification of details helpful: ‘Malleolus’ includes the lower 6 cm (posterior edge or tip) ‘Weight-bearing’ means ability to walk four steps both immediately and in the … Continue reading

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BMJ 2010: 341: 947 – 1002 (6th November)

If patients come to me concerned about their risk of future bowel cancer, I can now advise them on how to reduce it substantially by appropriate health behaviours. Five factors were all found to make a difference: avoiding smoking, avoiding … Continue reading

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