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Calcium supplements probably don’t work

Yet another one from the archives (I’ve almost cleared that journal pile now); a systematic review from 2015 looking at calcium and fractures. This review found: Dietary calcium intake is not associated with fracture risk There is no evidence that … Continue reading

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Most common causes of 2ry osteoporosis are coeliac disease and primary hyperparathyroidism; myeloma is also a cause. Therefore, investigations include FBC, PV, U&Es, coeliac screen, calcium profile, and immunuglobulins, possibly plus BJP. What the pick-up rate and cost-effectiveness of these … Continue reading

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BMJ 2012: 7860 (9th June)

Sundries not noted elsewhere: Something constructive to do for chronic dizziness! This was a trial of giving out a booklet of vestibular rehabilitation exercises, with or without telephone support, to adults with chronic dizziness worse on head movement and not … Continue reading

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BMJ 2nd June 2012

We all know about post-herpetic neuralgia, but apparently there is also such a thing as post-herpetic pruritus (Minerva). To confuse matters, the scratching and consequent excoriation can cause secondary eczematous patches. Aspirin probably has a role to play in long-term … Continue reading

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JFPRHC 2011: 37(1) (January)

Although I’m well aware that I’m no spring chicken, I don’t consider myself over the hill either; I was thus a little surprised to find out that, at forty, I have now officially reached the age where it would be … Continue reading

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Prescriber 2010: 21(22) (19th November)

We’ve long been told to advise asthmatic patients with mild exacerbations to double the dose of their inhaled steroids, but this is, it seems, incorrect. It has been found not to be helpful in adults (even at doses of 1000 … Continue reading

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BMJ 2010: 341: 513 – 62 (11th September)

An important point from the first editorial – Stop dishing out medication on the basis of surrogate endpoints hyped up by pharmaceutical companies.  Or, at any rate, think twice and three times about it.  Surrogate endpoints, no matter how promising-looking, are … Continue reading

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