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Undescended testis

Examination technique Child supine and frog-legged, stripped from umbilicus to knees (can be on parent’s lap) Warm hands Kneel to right of child Place left hand lateral to deep inguinal ring and move it, pressing down, along the inguinal canal, … Continue reading

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Child safeguarding

(Notes on reading Bluestream Academy module on safeguarding) Local Children’s Safeguarding Board (LCSB): key system for organisations to come together to liaise on ways of safeguarding children/promoting their health. Established by the Children’s Act 2004, which gives each locality the … Continue reading

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Signs of Kawasaki’s disease

Kawasaki’s disease is an arteritis (primarily affecting the coronary arteries). Signs: high fever for 5 or more days and: Polymorphous erythematous rash (can be urticarial, scarlatiniform or morbilliform and can contain small aseptic pustules) Cervical lymphadenopathy Bilateral conjunctival injection Changes … Continue reading

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Indications for referring children with eczema

Immediately Eczema herpeticum where child is systemically unwell   Within two weeks Severe eczema not responding to optimal therapy within a week Bacterially infected eczema not responding to treatment   (Quick Quiz BMJ module)

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Risk factors for sepsis in newborns

As signs of sepsis in newborns are subtle and non-specific, it’s important to be aware of situations in which a baby is at higher risk of problems. Maternal pyrexia Maternal colonisation with potentially harmful organisms such as GBS (in either … Continue reading

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Noisy breathing in newborns

Periodic increases/decreases in breathing sounds are normal in babies. Wheeze: Can be infection (mild or serious) or heart failure. Check for signs of heart problems; murmur, absent femorals, etc. Check sats. Normal sats and normal feeding are reassuring. If any … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding problems

A couple of pointers from the BMJ learning module on problems in newborns: Mastitis is not always infectious in nature. Infectious mastitis is likely to be associated with systemic flu-like symptoms (not necessarily a temperature). In the absence of such … Continue reading

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