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Diagnosing childhood autism

This is just some rather quick notes I made on the video module ‘A practical guide to diagnosing autism in pre-school children’ on the BMJ Learning site. Triad of symptoms for autism diagnosis: Social communication Social interaction Social imagination Presentation … Continue reading

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Management of paediatric hernia

BMJ review article: Umbilical hernias: Usually close spontaneously by the age of 4, and can be safely left to do so as complications are rare. However, spontaneous closure becomes less likely in children over 4, so if a hernia hasn’t … Continue reading

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Normal lower limb variants in children

Another very useful one from the archives; a BMJ article from 2015 about which issues with children’s legs don’t have to be referred to orthopaedics. Always good to know. Possible normal lower limb variants Rotational: intoeing and outtoeing Angular: genu … Continue reading

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Reflux in infants

(BMJ 2017;357:j1802, supplemented by checking the original guidance) Not to be referred to as GORD unless the symptoms are interfering with the baby’s quality of life or causing complications (poor weight gain, difficulty sleeping, recurrent chest infections). Otherwise, it’s physiological … Continue reading

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Bits and bobs

Useful bunch of motley learning points from the 15th April BMJ: A double-blind trial reported in NEJM has looked at the effects of treating borderline thyroid results (raised TSH with normal T4) in the elderly. It didn’t show any benefit … Continue reading

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Community acquired pneumonia in children

Signs of severity Temperature 38.5 or greater RR >70 in infants or >50 in older children Moderate to severe recession in infants Severe dyspnoea in children Nasal flaring Grunting Intermittent apnoea in infants Sats <95% (this was what the BMJ … Continue reading

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Squints in childhood

My son has a squint, so I’m familiar with treatment of childhood squints. However, I wasn’t previously aware of red flags to look for when children present with a squint: Abnormal red reflex Limited abduction Diplopia Headaches (the article just … Continue reading

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