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COPD: NICE guidance

Another from the archives; notes on this BMJ article. Quite a bit has changed since I last updated my COPD knowledge. These days, there are considered to be five fundamentals of COPD (the ones highlighted in red are the three … Continue reading

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Flozins and COPD inhalers

That’s two separate subjects, not one, whose link here is that they were both the topics of useful papers in this week’s BMJ. The first was on possible adverse effects of flozins (sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitors). The paper was a very … Continue reading

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COPD algorithm

This is our practice algorithm for COPD treatment: Treat intermittent symptoms with a SABA. If more severe, differentiate between low-risk and high-risk patients. Low-risk patients are those with: FEV1 >50% <2 exacerbations/yr For low-risk patients: First-line treatment: LAMA If symptoms … Continue reading

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Prescribing tips

I was taught that prednisolone courses for COPD exacerbations should be two weeks plus a wean-off, but have noticed that most people seem to use five days. The controversy is now resolved – the REDUCE trial, an RCT in Switzerland, … Continue reading

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BMJ 2011: 342: 1035 – 1092 (14th May)

It’s official – we can give beta-blockers to COPD patients with CCF.  The benefits outweigh the risks, though we’re meant to give a supervised first dose to minimise risk in those rare patients who do have severe bronchospasm. The main … Continue reading

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BMJ 2011; 342: 237 – 288 (29th January)

The main articles were on preventing exacerbations of COPD, and on joint hypermobility syndrome . Preventing exacerbations of COPD Pulmonary rehabilitation: Was near the bottom of the list but deserved to be moved up, as evidence shows it to be … Continue reading

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Prescriber 2010: 21(22) (19th November)

We’ve long been told to advise asthmatic patients with mild exacerbations to double the dose of their inhaled steroids, but this is, it seems, incorrect. It has been found not to be helpful in adults (even at doses of 1000 … Continue reading

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Prescriber 21:21, 5th November 2010

Always lots in a Prescriber to report. I do believe the time may have come to use some subheadings: NSAIDs vs. Cox-2s This was a report on the CONDOR trial, which I was pleased to see was aimed at answering … Continue reading

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