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Recovery after laparascopic surgery

Pain: Abdominal cramps and bloating, and shoulder tip pain, are common in the first 24 hours. Worsening pain after this period can be a sign of complications. Other symptoms of complications: Loss of appetite for food or fluids, reluctance to … Continue reading

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BP control before surgery

A reference in the latest BJGP has just answered a question I’ve been meaning to look into; how good a blood pressure control do we need to aim for in patients we’re referring for surgery? Not as strict as I’d … Continue reading

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Management of paediatric hernia

BMJ review article: Umbilical hernias: Usually close spontaneously by the age of 4, and can be safely left to do so as complications are rare. However, spontaneous closure becomes less likely in children over 4, so if a hernia hasn’t … Continue reading

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A couple of useful points in a BMJ article: Mastitis vs. inflammatory breast cancer Mastitis is more localised, while inflammatory breast cancer can cause redness or skin changes of the whole breast. Inflammatory breast cancer can also cause a general … Continue reading

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Femoral hernias: below/lateral to pubic tubercle. Inguinal: above/medial. Femoral hernias should always be referred due to risk of strangulation. With inguinal, it depends. Incarceration (temporary or permanent) increases the risk a hernia will strangulate but does not necessarily mean it … Continue reading

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Haemorrhoids are enlarged vascular cushions (the vascular cushions are sections of fibrovascular tissue within the anal canal which help control continence by enlarging when needed to provide a firm seal). Internal haemorrhoids – stem from the superior rectal veins (not … Continue reading

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Diverticular disease/diverticulosis/diverticulitis

I thought diverticular disease and diverticulosis were synonyms, but in fact diverticular disease refers to symptomatic diverticula. Diverticulitis, obviously, refers to inflammation/infection. Symptoms of diverticular disease can include: Lower abdominal pain Altered bowel habit Bloating PR bleeding Diverticulitis usually presents … Continue reading

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Bariatric surgery – complications to be aware of

Abdominal pain/vomiting in post-op period: Can indicate internal herniation – admit urgently. Acute-onset dysphagia: Can indicate acute band slippage (sometimes severe enough to cause gastric ischaemia) and requires urgent referral for band deflation. Reflux symptoms: Can indicate chronic band slippage … Continue reading

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