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Overactive bladder in men

Examine for retention, prostatic hyperplasia/poor rectal tone, and neurological signs. Check urinalysis. Consider C&S, PSA, glucose, and urodynamics. Treatment: Behavioural changes: Scheduled/double voiding, avoidance of irritants, training of pelvic floor muscles, smoking cessation. Online patient resource from EAU. Downloadable list … Continue reading

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A few quick snippets from the 19th Nov BMJ: Duloxetine increases the risk of adverse psychiatric events – anxiety, agitation, self-harm, psychotic behaviour – by more than five times, according to a new Nordic Cochrane Centre meta-analysis although this article … Continue reading

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Normal pressure hydrocephalus

Presents with a triad of gait disorder, urinary urge incontinence, and increasing memory loss progressing to dementia. Gradual onset and worsening of symptoms. The gait disorder typically starts with subtle general imbalance/unsteadiness and progresses to wide-based short slow shuffling movements, … Continue reading

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Antimuscarinics for overactive bladder

As I would have expected, main SEs are dry mouth and constipation.  There is some evidence that solifenacin, extended release oxybutinin, and extended release tolterodine are more effective than the other drugs and that fesoterodine may be the most effective.  … Continue reading

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