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HPV vaccine

Few points from the latest BMJ article: The NHS programme currently only covers girls up to 18 years of age. 18 and over aren’t covered, but when I checked the Green Book I did note that it stated it to … Continue reading

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Influenza vaccination

Time to effect About 10 – 14 days. Note that if someone in a high-risk group comes into contact with flu after the vaccine but before it’s likely to have taken effect, then they may be eligible for oseltamivir/zanamivir (check … Continue reading

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Vaccination of individuals with uncertain or incomplete immunisation status

This is a useful chart from the HPA, which I’m linking to here so that I can reference it at work if needed. Another useful point (from the BMJ learning module on immunisations, which is where I got this) is … Continue reading

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BMJ 2011: 342: 59 – 114 (8th January)

We already knew that Wakefield’s infamous theory of ‘autistic enterocolitis’ triggered by the MMR was not borne out by further research.  We already knew that his supposed discovery of measles virus in the guts of autistic children was an artefact … Continue reading

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