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Couple of points from this BMJ article on NICE guidance: Interim treatment if scan is going to be a while is now apixaban or rivaroxaban. No more faffing around with injections… but do remember to get baseline blood tests, of … Continue reading

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Peripheral arterial disease

Most patients are asymptomatic; however, note that this usually reflects more sedentary lifestyle rather than lesser severity, and asymptomatic patients with PAD are at just as much risk of complication. (Note that coexisting diabetic neuropathy also increases the chances of … Continue reading

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Screening for cancer after unprovoked DVT

This BMJ article seemed in fact to be arguing against a bit of a strawman, in that the NICE guideline it disputed did not in fact say quite what they claimed it said. However, it did end up highlighting a … Continue reading

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The role of compression stockings post-DVT

In my days as a junior doctor, when I was taught to use compression stockings for DVT treatment, I was taught that it was to help treat the existing DVT/reduce risk of DVT in the other leg. Whether this is … Continue reading

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Venous insufficiency

Leg elevation May be overrated as a treatment for aching legs – it tends to be uncomfortable and there’s no real evidence as to effectiveness. Worth trying in rest periods for patients who stand a lot and suffer from aching … Continue reading

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Compression bandaging for varicose veins?

The question: “Would compression bandaging be appropriate for X’s varicose veins?” My first thought was ‘No’, because I distantly remembered the latest NICE guidelines vetoing compression bandaging as an option for treatment. However, when I double-checked, this wasn’t exactly what … Continue reading

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Thrombophlebitis as a sign of DVT

I already knew (the hard way, having learned it as a result of a complaint some years back) that superficial thrombophlebitis can be a sign of DVT. However, I was surprised to read in this week’s BMJ the frequency with … Continue reading

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Lymphoedema and chronic oedema

There is no clear-cut line between the two. The lymph system is the primary route of drainage from a limb, so drainage may be impaired if the lymph system is overloaded by excess fluid (such as in CCF), if the … Continue reading

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Varicose veins – NICE guidance

Compression stockings, which always sounded like such a nice harmless intervention to suggest in minor cases, are now no longer recommended as a first-line intervention unless other interventions are not suitable (pregnancy being a good example). First-line treatment, where treatment … Continue reading

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Acute leg ischaemia – don’t miss

This BMJ article reminded us of the importance of considering acute ischaemia as a differential diagnosis when a patient presents with acute-onset leg pain plus or minus sensory loss. It’s easy to convince yourself you can feel a weak pulse … Continue reading

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